"Little Missy" was surrendered to a nearby
county Sheriff's Department in early May 2009. She was extremely emaciated and
infested with lice.
She arrived at Horse Lick Creek
 Animal Rescue, Inc., on May 22, 2009.
"Missy" is estimated to be approximately
20 years old and appears to be gaited. She is doing well and on the road to recovery.

Please check back often to watch her progress!

"Little Missy" April 2009


"Little Missy" June 2009


“Lilly Anna” was rescued from a private owner on an anonymous tip.  She was “allegedly” dragged behind a pickup truck in an attempt to teach her to lead.  Severely depressed and in pain, it took “Lilly” over 3 weeks before she started to show a real interest in surviving.
After several months and lots of patience, love, attention and medical care, “Lilly” is now a beautiful, curious and trusting companion in training for future placement in a permanent home.

"Lilly Anna" May 2007


"Lilly Anna" September 2008


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